Monday, May 20, 2013

Deck Update....Day 6 or 7

I am loosing count on the days of this deck now.  Mostly because hubby is working little at a time, he works for an hour or so in evenings then skips a day or two and works on a little more.  Hard to keep up with that.  

While he was working one afternoon, kids were playing out front.  When I looked out, I just thought I was going to die laughing.  Yep, they are running around with witch hats.  Thanks Grannie, they are still loving those!

I thought I would sneak out to the front to catch a picture of them playing. So I ran with my standard shoe wear of flip flops to hide quickly behind the tree before they saw me.  That proved to be more difficult then I imagined, because I slipped in the mud and fell flat on my face!

 I realized I am too old to be running around like that. Heehee!

Hubby starting on the cover for the deck.  He is very confident in his work I'd say. :)

 One of the witches, grew tired so came up to join us for a break.

Quite the majestic thinker, my hubby is.  This is his face he makes when he is in serious thought.  HA, just kidding, he is a mess!

The steps are ready to be used. No more ladder now!


  1. majestic thinker.....I will never be able to call him anything else!!!!! I can't wait to see the finish product, in person!

  2. HA! He is a nut, keeps me laughing for sure! Can't wait to have you guys over!