Friday, May 31, 2013

Chew on this...

I know I usually do Chew on this on Monday but this needed to go out today!

Please pray for the next couple of weeks for the mission team going to Costa Rica. Begin now for the final preparations to be made. Pray June 1st for traveling mercies. Pray for those who are going for the first time to see all God has for them to see and for those who have been before to not over look what new things God has in store for them. Pray during the week for safety and cooperation on the work site. Pray for the children who will be coming to VBS to see Christ in each one of us. Pray for rest at night and strength during the day. Pray for a closer walk with God for each one who is there and each person back home who is praying for them. Pray for new bonds to be formed with the people of Costa Rica as well as within the team members. Pray June 9th for safe travels back home and for the transition back to everyday life. ~ Frances

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