Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Deck Rebuild...Day 5

The deck is slow but steady with it's progress.  My hubby does have a day job ya know! :)

We have rails up now! Woohoo! 

We decided for a simple rail, cause we are pretty simple people, nothing fancy needed here.  We went with black for the balusters instead of wood, just to add another element to the design cause there will be a lot of wood everywhere once finished.

Skeleton for the steps is ready. We decided to stretch the stairs the whole width across. That will help ease the transition of the sidewalk much easier then hubby trying to create angled stairs.

It's gonna look great when it's done! For now though we are using the ladder to get up and down, which the kids LOVE.  We usually never let them on the ladder when it has been out for other projects, but had to break our own rules for this stage.  

See up down, up down, up down, they go. Ta-da! 

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