Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My call to Costa 1

It is hard to believe this has come and gone now when it seemed to take forever to arrive.  I was very excited about my very first mission trip.  Excited to see what God had in store for me to learn about Him, turns out I learned more about myself then I ever cared to know.  :)

Beware this is a picture heavy post!

We landed and I was amazed at the landscape surrounding us.  It was beautiful!  We went through customs, got our luggage and loaded up on the bus!

Then I felt like I was right at home in ATL traffic.  HA!

We ate at the wood factory.  It was delish! We also got a tour of the factory and how they make wood products, anything from jewelry to cups, coasters, hair accessories, handbags, it was limitless what they could make with these pieces.

I had to get a picture of these two.  They were taking pictures of each other taking a picture of each other, make sense.  So I did what anyone else would do, take a picture of them taking a picture.

After lunch, our tour of the factory began. 

Finished up there and drove to our first night hotel stay.  After we unloaded, we walked around the town square and saw the church we would be attending for Sunday service.

After our church visit we hit the grocery store to stock up on some coffee and other treats.

Time to eat some dinner!

Real mature Codster! LOL, he was very entertaining to say the least for this trip!

More to come later!

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