Monday, June 10, 2013

Chew on this...

From the book Loving God by Charles Colson, he says "The church does not draw people in, it sends them out. It does not settle into a comfortable niche, the church is to make society uncomfortable. Like yeast it unsettles the mass around it, changing it from within. Like salt it flavors and preserves that into which it vanishes. But as yeast is made up of many particles and salt composed of multiplied grains, so the church is many individual believers. For God has given us each other, we do not live the Christian life alone. We do not love God alone." Pray this week to be All In as one Body of Christ. Thank God for not leaving you alone to do His work. Thank God for fellowship and support. Thank God for sending us out into the world to change, flavor, and preserve for His Glory! ~ Frances

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