Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Costa Rica...Day 4

Back to work again! We continued our work on the church in Pocora.

I got to go to the grocery store with a few of the women as they were buying food they would prepare for lunch that day.  It is not uncommon for families to go everyday to grocery store, unlike me who goes once a week. 

The fruit was DELICIOUS!!! Sweet and juicy everyday!

Checking the list!

This lady was making tortillas from scratch.  This is a lost art! Man were they good!

Everything is cooked on this open fire.  Very cool!

This was the school bus that picked up the school kids everyday.

A few of us walked over to this little store to get a Popsicle.

Momma reapplied sunscreen but didn't rub it all in.  Silly woman!

Breaks over, back to work we go!

Time to head to our first VBS!

I couldn't remember my lines for save my life so I wrote them on my arm and still messed them up! HA!

Getting a little rest before the little ones arrive!

Here they come!

Anna got the party started with a little dancing. Then others joined in.

Time to go but not without lots of hugs and pictures.

That's our bus driver, Carlos, behind Leslie cutting up again.

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