Thursday, June 20, 2013

Costa Rica...Day2

Our second day was Sunday, a day of worship and rest.  We started the day with breakfast at the hotel. Every meal is served with fresh juice, fresh fruit, coffee of course, rice and beans. 

These people were part of the hotel staff that cooked for us.  Breakfast so YUMMY! Thank you!

After we finished breakfast, we walked to church.

Kathy, our fearless leader, grew up in this town, Alajuela right out side of San Jose, as full time missionaries with her family.  The picture below use to be her house, obviously not a home any more. This part of the trip was like a homecoming for her.

This is the church's pastor.

A friend from Kathy's past.

We got to partake in the Lord's supper while we were there.  It was so special to have the privilege to do that on this trip.

During service, we broke into discussion groups. Topic of discussion was prayer, that was a reoccurring theme I felt like through out the trip. It came in different ways but yet all the same theme.


After service it was time to load up and get on the bus.  Next stop was Guapiles!

Along the way we stopped for a bite to eat.  This restaurant was pretty cool!

I thought the bathroom sign was cute!

More fruit juice for the meal.

And more coffee!

Maria was serious about her coffee, she was just gonna drink it fresh from the brewing cup.

This is what we drank our coffee from, tin cup.  I remember this style from my grandmother years ago.

Back on the bus!  Our bus driver, Carlos was a hoot!

Here is my momma with her Spanish for Dummies book, trying to look up words to speak Spanish with Carlos. LOL!

Back on the road again!

Carlos spotted a Pops for us to stop at.  I scream you scream we all scream for ICE CREAM!  Woohoo!  Good eye, Carlos!

We then stopped at the Methodist Children's home which is a location they have worked at in the past.  The children's home is expanding at this point which is great news!

They are also working on becoming self sufficient off the land, with chickens and lambs.

It was beautiful here. The temperature was great, little cooler with a breeze.  It was located on a mountain top which made all the difference.  Absolutely beautiful!

Time to get back on the bus and head on! There was a lot of napping on the bus rides.

More to come!

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