Monday, June 3, 2013

Chew on this...

Pray for God to break your heart this week. "WHAT?" You might be saying...yes ask God to break your heart and find out where He is calling you to serve.  In the study of Nehemiah, the author asked many times what breaks your heart. Then when reading Palms 42, my heart broke for those in the nursing home. How they use to be able to go to church and worship the Lord and now most cannot even read their Bibles because of poor eye sight. How depressing it must be to not sing with a congregation or hear the church choir sing praises to the Lord. When we receive Christ in our hearts, prepare to have your heart break as His did for the poor, the children, ones in prison, the elderly in nursing homes, the needy. Where is God calling you to be His hands and feet? Who is your heart breaking for? ~ Frances

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