Thursday, June 6, 2013

FFF... Forced Family Fun

When I was growing up we had a lot of what I called FFF, Forced Family Fun.  I am very grateful for those days now, but not so much at the time.  

Our FFF days are not really forced with our kids at this age, because they are young enough to desire them.  I'm sure as they grow older that will all change.  I know they will become FFF days for them, but they can count on them!

For this FFF, we took kids up to the school to ride bikes and play.  On the way in we found 2 balls left out from the school, which we will be returning when school starts up again.  

Hubby bought our son a rocket and they have been dying to shoot this thing off, but the weather just hasn't been the best for the times when hubby would be able to shoot it.  So finally we had the opportunity! 

Here is the set up!

Everyone taking their positions.

Check out where the middle child is sitting, way back! She knows her limits and is okay with that!

Let the countdown begin, 5...4...3...2...1...blast off!

I'm fast with my camera but man that rocket was REALLY fast!

So.... that rocket took off and was GONE! We walked around in the area we thought it went but never found it again.  Doesn't matter too much to our son cause that was TOO COOL!

We then decided to teach the kids kickball.  You would think we were torturing them, so miserable! 

Our son and middle daughter were captains.  Son went first and choose his momma, bad choice dude! LOL  Then daughter choose daddy so oldest was left. Our son choose to just be with me and gave our oldest daughter to other team.  MAN, dude, not a wise choice at all!

We played 2 innings and my son and I won! 10 to 9! With help from Daddy of course :)

Came back down for a break and some water.  Then decided to do more bike riding and yep Daddy just couldn't stand it. Can you tell how funny Daddy looks to our son by this next pic?!

Here he is! NUT!  I sometimes wonder where our son gets it from and then Daddy shows me!

Hello handsome man in the purple helment and pink bike! :) 

I sure do love him, everything about him! Thanks for some FFF!

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