Friday, June 21, 2013

Costa Rica...Day 3

Day 3 and it's time to get to work!  We got up early and drove to our work site, Pocora.

We were welcomed with hugs and kisses on the cheeks.

We were welcomed and introduced to the local church members that were there.

Then we got our gear on and went to the work site.

It was hot!  A hot like I have never felt.  The humidity was unbelievable.  I thought growing up in south Georgia had humidity, it was nothing compared to this.   By the end of the day my clothes were soaked with sweat!

The church has outgrown the building they currently worship in so they are building a site that is 2-3 times as big! Its really exciting to be apart of this from the beginning and to be able to see over the next years the progress.  

The women were working hard also, to make sure we have some good food for lunch!

A neighbor to the church had a coconut tree and came outside and cut one for us to try.

Chickens and dogs seemed to roam free all over the area.

This little cutie below showed up on the site and all us women were swooping him up. He was CUTE!

We were teasing Anna who will be a senior this year that all these pics were going to be perfect for her senior pictures and no one would have any like these.  So naturally she posed for us.

Oh Cody, you are up to your foolish ways again with photo bombing in ways I never imagined!

It was amazing to see all these members here helping and joining in the building of their church.  All ages were helping and working very hard.

We cleaned up and on the way to and from the work site we would practice our song for VBS.  Why did we need to practice, because we were singing it in Spanish and none of us knew Spanish with the exception of 2 people on our team.

Carlos the driver with his great eye, spotted a sloth in the tree on the way home as well.  Do you see it?

It was a baby and it's momma!

More to come!

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