Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Easy Bunny Jars for Easter

Aren't these the cutest little jars! Love how simple this craft is, seriously (we all say that a lot around here) anyone can do it.  You could put anything or even make any size you want. Use it to store your candy or snacks even.  My jars are way to small for that.  I just wanted little extra decoration with glass. 

I found the jars and bunnies at Hobby Lobby.  The bunnies were actually in the dollhouse section.  If doing larger then think outside the box because you will be painting them so really doesn't matter what it's made up.

I started by using gorilla glue to adhere the bunnies to the lid.  If you have experience with gorilla glue then you know a little "expands" a long way to take it easy on that stuff!

Then painted each lid with acrylic paint and any color you choose. I painted 3 coats.  I would recommend after the 2nd coat to let it set over night before painting the final coat.

Lastly, put a coat of mod podge on the top to act as a protectant.  Depending on how many "fingers" you have in your house touching it will make a difference in how long the paint will hold up but the mod podge should help some. 

Here is the final result! Pretty cute huh!?!?

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