Monday, March 18, 2013

Chew on this...

Remembrance is what Nehemiah’s prayer in chapter 9 is about. We have to remember what God has done in our lives in order to confess it to others. The author states, “The older we get the more history we have with the Lord, meaning we can reflect on more of His faithfulness in our lives. If you do it right, remembrance is like compounding interest for your faith.” Are we compounding interest? Have we taken time to look at the interest we have gained over the years? The good thing about this interest, is it isn’t confined to just our own lives. We can remember and share what He has done in other people’s lives as well. Take time this week to remember ALL that God has done in our lives. Pray, talk with God about what you remember and confess it to the world! We might be surprised at some of the stories we have forgotten because we haven’t taken the time to remember His faithfulness.

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