Monday, March 25, 2013

Chew on this...

This week let’s focus our prayers on who God is. This will fill up more than a week! Not what He has done in our lives, but who He is. This was the focus in the Crazy Love study, especially chapter one. Have we truly thought about how powerful God is? He has the power to create life! We don’t, it isn’t our bodies that do that, He does. Read Nehemiah 9:6 and see how they start their prayer. Do we begin our prayers praising Him for who He is? Think about how great His love is for everyone. No one is left out!!! Can we  say the same about our love? He lowered Himself to this earth and gave His life for us. That is what the Easter season is all about, God and His love for ALL! Thank you Lord for the Glory of You, Your Son, and Your Spirit! Thank you for Your Love for all of us! Happy Easter! ~ Frances

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