Wednesday, October 23, 2013

No Sew Fabric Bookmark

So... some of you may remember my post for the back to school fabric bookmark here and some have no idea what I'm talking about.   No prob if that's you, just click here to catch up with the rest of us.  :)

I had some interest in a no sew option, well here ya go!

Gather your supplies, you will also need scissors, ruler, iron.

-coordinating fabric
-fusible web

Sorry for these pics.  I tried using my phone this time and clearly it is time for an upgrade.  I'm just not ready to fork out the money for that.  I vow today to not be lazy, I'll pick up my camera next time for pics.

1.  Cut 2 - 2"x7" pieces of fabric along with 1 - 1 3/4"x 6 3/4" piece of fusible web.  Also cut 1 ribbon piece 2 1/2" long. Then iron all visible wrinkles from fabric pieces because they will show in the end if you do not iron them out.

2. You can skip to step 3 if you don't want to use pinking shears.  Other wise, place fabrics wrong sides together and cut with pinking shears ONLY long top of bookmark.  (Make sure fabric patterns are facing up before cutting.) Clearly, from the photos, I did not follow my own directions here and it was tricky cutting the top of the bookmark without cutting the ribbon.

3. Place ribbon in middle of fabric, the end should be 1 3/4" from the top.

4. Place your fusible web on top of all that, careful not to move your ribbon.

5.  Then hold heated iron over top for about 6 seconds.  Let it cool.

6.  Once cool, peel paper off.

7.  Line up second piece of fabric over top, then iron again for about 8 seconds. Let it cool.

8. It's ready from this point to be used! Or you can trim with pinking shears for a fun whimsical look.


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  1. If you have the scissors that make different designs you could use them to to decorate the edges. I haven't tried it yet, but do have a bunch of these scissors.