Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My September Birthday Babies!

September is a very busy month for us each year.  Hubby and I got married in September because it was originally an empty month, but has turned into one of our busiest months now.  We are always excited to see it come, but I am also very happy to see it go.  

Both our daughters birthday is in this month!  It works out really nice in someways but can be very exhausting in other ways.  It also tends to be a pricey month for us celebrating two birthdays and our anniversary.  We definitely have limits on each event so we don't go in debt. :)

The annual birthday daddy date night happened for each girl.  This is always so much fun for them and me.  We get to spend the afternoon primping, anticipating date night with daddy and having his undivided attention. 

Rachel's birthday celebration is first part of the month and Ashley's is the second part of the month.

I sort of figured Rachel had some natural curl to her hair since it is a lot like mine.  Also when she sweats, which is very often, she gets the cutest little ringlets around her face.  So she let me play and see if we could make her natural curl come out and boy did it!  It turned out super cute on her!  I also let both girls wear some dark lip gloss since it is a special night for them, but that's the limit!

Rachel picked Alpine Bakery, which is a local Italian restaurant with an AMAZING bakery!  Daddy and her shared a meal along with a treat before heading to the movies.

Rachel has been dying to see the Percy Jackson movie, but I thought it might be too much for the younger kids so this was her opportunity to check it out. She loved it!

I can hardly believe how old you are now Rachel.  You are growing into a beautiful young lady! Saddens my heart to think we only have 7 more years of living each day with you! Love you sweet girl!

Ashley on the other hand LOVES this part of the date night process! She picks out her hair style, clothes, and "makeup" with very little suggestions on my part.

Its crazy to think they both picked out the same color lip gloss, but Rachel just put some on lightly, while Ashley couldn't put enough on her lips. LOL!

Ashley has NO, absolutely none, curl in her hair so we used some heat on hers.  That worked good enough for her.  She also choose Alpine Bakery for her dinner date and then they went to miniature golf to top their evening off.  She tied with her daddy.  Watch out Tiger Woods. :)

You make me laugh so much Ashley.  Your personality is truly one of a kind, so kind hearted and loving, down right silly sometimes.  I can't believe you are at the half way mark of growing up. Love you my baby girl!

What a privilege God has allowed me to be your mother.  Love you both so much! 

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