Monday, October 14, 2013

Chew on this...

FAITH is our prayer word. From Beyond Opinion by Ravi Zacharias, “…God is not an idea. We can meet Him. We can talk to Him. The greatest gift that God has given to humankind is Himself. We can know Him because He has given Himself to us. We can have faith in Him, not just because of what He has done, which is very important, but because He is, and because He makes Himself known. This is the kind of faith that does not disappoint because it is not speculation about someone; it is faith in someone.” Do you personally know God? Christ? The Holy Spirit? Do you have faith in all three personally and believe in them, not an idea? “…it is important to realize that unless faith is in response to and results in trust in the person of Christ – and not just one’s ideas or hopes about the person of Christ – then there is no biblical faith. Again you cannot lose what you never had. So for the person who says that he has lost his faith, we must first properly ask about the nature of his faith in the first place. What was it? Reliance on an idea? Or a personal relationship with the risen Christ?” Pray for knowledge of who you have faith in and gain a stronger faith. ~ Frances

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