Thursday, August 15, 2013

Back to School Bookmark

If your kids are like mine, those thin card stock bookmarks do not last very long.  I decided with school starting up to make something that is a little more kid friendly.  These fabric bookmarks turned out perfect! They would even make great gifts for teachers, your kids friends, or even your friends.

Gather your supplies:
fabric scraps
thin interfacing

Start by choosing your fabrics.

Then cut 2 - 2"x7" pieces of fabric along with  2 - 1 1/2"x 6 1/2" pieces of thin interfacing.

Iron the interfacing piece in the middle of each fabric piece to the wrong side of your fabric.  You could keep it simple and just stitch all around fabric pieces, wrong sides together, then trim with pinking shears, OR add some ribbon flair.

If adding ribbon to the bookmarks, go ahead and cut across top of bookmark with pinking shears before sewing fabric pieces together.

Cut ribbon pieces 3 1/4" long.  This is also a good time to heat seal the ends of your ribbon so they don't fray on you later.  BE CAREFUL not to burn yourself or your ribbon!

Pin ribbon in between your two fabric pieces about 1/4" or little more down from top of bookmark.

I then triple stitched across the top to reinforce the ribbon then continued around the other sides with a single stitch.

Cut outside edges of the bookmark with pinking shears then grab a book!

Pretty cute huh! No more bent bookmarks!

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