Monday, August 12, 2013

Chew on this...

In the study of Daniel, chapter 2, Daniel and his friends are praying for God to show mercy and help them understand the king’s dream so they will not be killed. That would bring on some serious, making time to pray, prayers I would think and God answered their prayers. Not to all, but to one, Daniel. That doesn't mean the others were not needed to pray, all were needed. We need to call on our friends as well to pray with us and be willing to accept that the answer may be given to someone other than us. Look at verses 19-23, what does Daniel do after receiving God’s answer? Praise God forever and ever because He has wisdom and power! Praise God for sharing His wisdom and power with each one of us! Praise God for answered prayers, even if it isn't the answer we thought we wanted. Praise God for His Son Jesus who opened the door of communication with God the Father Almighty! Praise God! ~ Frances

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