Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What to do with washi tape?!

Are you familiar with washi tape? 

Often mispronounced as wasabi tape, it originated from Japan. Washi tape reminds me of masking tape, but much prettier! It's made from paper and comes in a HUGE variety of patterns, colors, and designs. 

So maybe you have some washi tape now but just haven't figured out what to do with it?  It was a buy you made because the tape was just so darn pretty and you had to have it.  :)  Well I've got a few ideas for you to make on your own with your washi tape.

Of course you can search a fav spot of mine, Pinterest for all kinds of ideas!

Make your own cupcake flags for a party. Purchase your color theme and wrap tape at top of toothpick.

How about a set of bookmarks with paperclips?!?! This would be a cute project for a girls birthday party.  They can make a set then take them home as part of their party favor.

You could make binder clips for your kids teachers.  Or for yourself!

This next is my favorite! It took some patience lining the tape up and trimming closely to the edges, but so worth it! You could take this a step further and paint a coat of mod podge to make it even more durable.

Last is decoration for a simple vase.

You could add more or less strips of tape.  Maybe even change the tape out for different holidays.

I love this tape because possiblities are truly endless! Washi tapes are a scrapbooker's dream I'm sure.  Most washi tapes are acid-free, which make them perfect for scrapbooking. What an easy way to add a little something to your pages.

So you want to know where to get your own washi tape?  Great place to start is to search Etsy.  Other places you can purchase from are Wishy Washi Tape or Cute Tape.

Have fun!

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