Monday, April 8, 2013

Chew on this...

Let’s pray as a church for “ALL”, every member, to be “All In” His plan, His services, His word, In Him! Not all are called to be in “All” the work of the church, but all are called to be “All In” the work God has called each of us to. Where is God calling you to be “All In”? If you don’t know, pray for God to reveal that to you. Look at areas of service in the church with the smallest group of members. Maybe it is the smallest group because all who are being called are not All In? Where is help needed? The RYDC is an area of service our church use to be all in. It grieves me to look in the prayer box after two or three weeks to see it empty. I talked with the boys this Sunday about the power of prayers, yet had none to give them. Where is God calling you to be “All In”? ~ Frances

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