Saturday, April 6, 2013

Demo Deck - Day2

The boys finished demolishing the deck the other day.   Our son was all over it! It was hilarious!

I love seeing him have this much admiration for his father.  He looks up to him a lot, it is adorable.  He thinks his daddy is the strongest man in the world. I am so thankful to God to be able to watch their relationship grow.

Daddy was letting our son give him directions on the best way to knock those stairs down.  He would tell him where to hit next trying to get the stairs to collapse. He was a little off but kept trying!

Next our son told daddy by pointing to "Hit it right there! Don't forget to use your muscles Daddy!" Then ran back.  I thought I was gonna die laughing!

Don't know if you can see in the picture above but our son is grinning from ear to ear cause Daddy hit it in the exact spot he told him to. So proud of himself. :)

He's trying to figure out why that spot didn't work. Why haven't those darn stairs fallen down yet!?

Finally they are down! Now it's our sons turn to show his muscles off and tear the stairs into smaller pieces. What a face!!!!

I told our son, " You forgot to use your muscles!" He didn't find that very funny, because he realized this is A LOT harder then he originally thought! Then he said, "Daddy just pick it up with your muscles and move it." Like he gave up. :)

He decided to give it one more shot. Mission accomplished!

Now that the stairs are out of the way time to get that lattice down! Check out our sons face in the next picture.  He was giving it all he had!

Here is a better shot of the sweet face I love so dearly!

Well that's all for this day, "What's next Daddy?"

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