Friday, March 21, 2014

White as snow...

Here is a new piece I have been working on.  I love the simple clean lines of this piece so I felt like it screamed to me to use a clean color on it like white.  

Want to see the before? I love a make-over shot. (Excuse the mess in the background, I'm a messy crafter.)

It has a great little accent sides at the bottom for books or any accent piece you would like to add to make it your own.

I actually have two of these tables, the pair can be bought together at a discount or purchased separately.

Both pieces have been finished with a clear top coat to protect the paint from regular use and chipping.

This piece is priced at $45.50 each or both for $76.50.  If you need dimensions, let me know and I'll get that to you.  Both tables will heading to my booth in Newnan in a few weeks, so if you are interested please contact me soon,

Do you like the clean look of this? Would you have chosen a different color?

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