Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A New Path

This year started out with a bang! Truly it started full force in January, this journey with my son.  I am very thankful for it though.  It has definitely been a lot of work and tough times, but I am keeping faith in God and trusting Him to guide me each step.  He has shown up just as He always promises!

It started with a teacher conference.  I knew Jacob was going to be struggling with reading this year, so that was no surprise.  The surprise was when his teacher said he might be on the retention list, WHAT!  I had no idea it was that bad.  That is when our journey began.

I went through several meetings with school staff, teachers, and learning centers all while hearing words like dyslexia to ADHD to dairy intolerance having no idea about any of it.  I am not against medicines but I am not quick to use them either.  I knew this early in the process I did not want to put him on medication for ADHD.  I am not denying there is a problem with his focus and learning ability, just didn't want to put a band aid on a bullet wound.  I knew in my mommy gut that there was more going on with my son then just ADHD.  I knew I was going to be his only voice in this process.  I began to cry out in desperation to God to show me what direction to go, what are you showing me about Jacob in this process, what do You want me to do God.  All of these things went through my head everyday, everyday I was on my knees in prayer about them as well.  I am so glad I took this route slowly! Praise the Lord for showing me what He has.  God has never showed me more then one step at a time during this process and I know its because He is still working on me with my control issues.

I got to point of okay God so you don't want me to use medicine on him right now what do you want me to do???  Shortly after that moment He brought a friend to mind who was posting about how essential oils can help with your family.  I contacted her immediately to ask can essential oils help with ADHD.  That is when I was introduced to doTERRA essential oils.  I was reading all that I could get my hands on about essential oils and was amazed at the amount of people it was helping.  I was ready to try it.

I started small with using the essential oils.  Jacob was also fighting eczema, which was nothing new, but molluscum started in the fall.  After taking him to doctor that fall, I was told it will go away on its own after 6 months up to 1 1/2 years! I saw these little bumps go from about 10 to 50+ in a few months.  I thought there has to be an oil for that, there seems to be an oil for everything else and there was! I used clove oil diluted with almond oil, applied with Q-tip.  There are all almost gone!!!!  So it has been a month and I am happy to say we have about 5 left and they are so tiny!

My second use of the essential oils was for his eczema.  He had horrible patches all over his mid-section.  I began using lavender and meleluca diluted with almond oil and he is eczema free after 2 weeks!  I was sold out on doTERRA essential oils!  I wish I took before pictures, but just didn't think to do that till last week and it was too late cause most ailments were gone!

Next step was to work on his focus ability and figure out what would work best to help him with ADHD.  I started with Balance on his feet and InTune on his spine and neck.  After a week of morning and night use, I thought I was seeing progress but no one else had mentioned a difference.  I prayed again asking God to let me know if I am wasting my time or on the right track.  A day later, after picking Jacob up from his Sunday school, his teacher told me how wonderful he was that day, he was so calm and even lead the group in prayer.  I cried! I knew that was God letting me know I was on the right track!

The next week we all got a cold and it traveled through the whole family.  Jacob got it the worst as usual.  His settles in his chest and he will have a horrible cough and boogers like crazy!!!  I treated all that with essential oils, nothing more!  After a few days he woke up one night complaining his ear hurt.  Another ear infection, I treated it completely with essential oils; meleluca, basil, and lavender drops on cotton ball placed in ear.  It was gone in a day! This stuff is CRAZY!!!!!

After all that I keep thinking why does he create so much mucus.  It seems so much worse then the rest of us.  This is when I began to hear over and over "dairy intolerance".  As I began to research more and more, I was stunned and how much of the list for dairy intolerance was a dead ringer for problems Jacob was having: seasonal allergies, eczema, brain fog, ADHD, ear infections, poor immune system to name a few things.  He has all of them!  I was stunned! So we are in the process of no dairy for him.  We are going into week 3 now and things are looking great!  I have begun to use essential oils for his seasonal allergies and so far so good!  They are not in full force where we live yet but they are starting.  I am using a combo of lavender, lemon, and peppermint.   Praying the no-diary diet and essential oils will make all the difference for him this year!

We are not at the end of this journey and things on the list have not been dismissed, but I have seen HUGE improvements in him.  I know it has been because of prayer and doTERRA oils.

Want to know more about doTERRA essential oils? Feel free to ask me!  I am early in my learning process but they have been working wonders on our family.  If I don't know the answer I will find out for you! Ready to order some oils now, click here!

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