Thursday, March 6, 2014

Little piece of sunshine...

I am soooooo pleased with how this desk turned out!  Here is the before shot:

Here is another.  LOL, check out my little cone head buddy in the background on the left.

Totally digging the yellow.  It is bright and airy just in time for spring.

The desk is yellow obviously and distressed perfectly.  I also finished it with a clear top coat to protect the paint from regular use and chipping. Here are a few more shots below.  

This piece is priced at $145.50.  If you need dimensions, let me know and I'll get that to you.  The desk will be heading to my booth in Newnan in a few weeks, so if you are interested please contact me soon,

I would love to know what you think?!?!  Do you like the yellow or just not your cup of tea?


  1. I think it's great! You're so talented...and a very lovely person!!

  2. you are amazing!!! i have 3 dressers I want to do, can you teach me?! :-) maybe when it gets warmer? i have lost of deck space to do work like this on. I loved your little pink cone pup in the BG too, so funny.

    1. Drea, it is so easy, paint, sand, then paint clear top coat!