Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Give a little Jesus

I love wrapping gifts with not only a bow but adding just a little extra on the outside.  Sometimes that is in the form of something as simple as raffia bow with a cute tag or an ornament for Christmas.  This is a little baby Jesus.  It makes a cute accessory to your gift wrap presents or make one to hang on your tree as an ornament.  It is a simple and very flexible craft! Think outside the box, always!

Gather supplies: (I got everything from Michael's)
small wood stars
wood boy game pieces (if you cant find these you could just use the round ball heads)
craft paint
wire (I used 20 gauge)
small bird nest
glue gun

1.  Start by painting your star and the head of your boy game piece.

2.  As that dries, twist end of wire to connect to bird's nest.  Then wrap wire around end of pencil or I used my paint brush.

3.  Hot glue star to wire.

4.  Now is time to wrap the baby with felt.  I cut felt in half, then half again, one more time.  Put two dots of hot glue on neck and fold felt.

5.  Fold one side over and glue, then fold other side over and glue.

6.  Fold up bottom piece of felt hanging down, hot glue in place in the nest.

7.  Lastly tuck in those side pieces sticking out.  Use the sharpie and add two dots for the little eyes.  I added a string so it can be tied onto a gift, then later used as an ornament.  I also added some glitter to the star to give it a little pop.


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