Monday, December 23, 2013

Chew on this...

Merry Christmas! Our greetings reflect the joy of the season. But what about when our joy isn’t there or it is starting to deplete with all the goings on of the season? Go to the reason for the season. Go to the source of joy, God’s grace. God’s grace gives us the power to enjoy life no matter what is happening. Take a time out with God and power back up. Pray about the reason for our joy and why we are celebrating. Pray for God’s grace to be filled back up and to push out all the things the world says we are to be doing for the holiday. Pray for ears to listen to what God is telling us to do at this time which is to celebrate His Son’s birth! To worship God and thank Him for His love for us. His love that came to earth just for us. Prayer is the way we plug into our power source to the joy God has for us! Be merry in His joy! ~ Frances

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