Monday, December 30, 2013

Chew on this...

Beyond Opinion by Ravi Zacharias talks about how Christians can be the one responsible for people going away from Christ instead of bringing them to Christ. How? When our words and actions do not match. I know someone who was not only pushed away from the church, but also away from Christ because of a Pharisee act of members in a church. Are we a Pharisee or a Christian? Are we legalistic or loving? Are we following the rules or following Jesus? Pray that God guides us in the truth, not the law. Pray that as a church we will not worry so much about our rules as we will someone’s needs. From the book, “If we don’t come to terms with the crisis times in which we live by presenting the beauty and the distinctive message of Jesus Christ, we will fail our time.” Pray that people see Christ in each one of us through our words and actions, not a Pharisee. ~ Frances

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