Monday, July 1, 2013

Costa Rica... Day 7

This is our travel day to our next destination, Arenal Springs. We stopped at one of the other Methodist Churchs from the years past on the way.

This was some hard core workout equipment.

Back on the road.  The country side was so beautiful!

We made it! First stop, food and of course coffee!

Some of the kids were done with Costa Rica food.  They were lucky there was a Burger King next door to the restaurant.

This was a stray dog and was making the oddest looks.

The toucan was made out of an old tire.  Pretty neat huh!?

After lunch we walked around town.

That is the volcano in the background.

We found a pops and got a little treat!

Coming into the hotel they gave us fresh juice and cold towels. Those were real nice!

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