Monday, July 29, 2013

Chew on this...

Harmony, what better thing to pray for this week than harmony! David talked about how Christians are to be in harmony with each other. How all of God's churches are to be in harmony with each other as our body parts are in harmony with each other. All parts of the body are so different, yet work together in harmony. When one isn't in harmony or gets off beat, the body gets sick. The harmony we see in music when all the instruments come together. They are so different and played differently, a horn with air and the drums with sticks. Yet when they come together guided by the same sheet of music, they make beautiful music. But when one instrument is out of tune....we know how it disrupts the beauty of the song. Pray this week for all of us to be guided by the same sheet of music, the Bible. Pray to keep all parts of the Body of Christ healthy in order to work together in perfect harmony. Pray for continued harmony in our church, in our families, in our own hearts! So when the world sees us they see Christ and they want to join in this healthy harmonious Body of Christ. ~ Frances

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