Monday, April 21, 2014

Chew on this...

Tongue Depressors and Prayers? I got this idea from my daughter. Write names of family, school teachers, and friends; one name on each tongue depressor. Place them upright in a container on the dining room table. With each meal;  each person at the table will pick one and pray for that person. You can do this at meal time or any time you walk past the container. It is an easy way for children to learn to pray for others. They will learn to pray for someone just to pray for them, not because something is wrong. They will also learn to pray for their siblings when they pick their names! If the kids are old enough to write, have them write the names on the sticks of people they want to add. This will get them to start thinking of people they can pray for. It also is a way to show kids how God will give them just the right name each and every time. It is all God when you see which names are picked at random and why God wanted that person prayed up. Pray tongue depressors! ~ Frances

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