Monday, April 14, 2014

Chew on this...

Let’s pray to serve the Lord in any way He calls us to serve. Pray Romans 12:11, to not be lazy and to serve the Lord enthusiastically! Where is God calling the church to serve in our community? Where is God calling you to serve? As much as I enjoy my retirement, I know there is no retirement from serving the Lord. He has something for each of us to do even if we cannot leave our bed. I learned this from Miss Fannie who could not get out of her bed even to sit in a chair, yet she was doing a Bible study with the young man who came in to clean her floors at the nursing home. What is another way you can serve the Lord and is one of the most powerful ways we can serve Him? Prayer! And we do not have to leave the bed, our house, or any excuse not to serve the Lord with our prayers! Pray about serving the Lord and He just might be asking you to pray for someone. ~ Frances

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