Monday, April 7, 2014

Chew on this...

Pray for lessons learned from our failures. First we are to confess our sins when God reveals them to us. Then we are to refocus on God, deal with the problem, and move on to what God wants us to do. Sunday we learned that with each repentance comes stronger faith and with stronger faith, God will reveal what else we are to repent. It is a continuous cycle, never ending, if we want to grow closer to Him. God wants the cycle of sin, repentance, and forgiveness to strengthen us not weaken us. God is eager to give us cleansing, forgiveness, and strength, the only way to lose is to give up. Pray that we will learn from our sins. Pray that we will ask for repentance and grow closer to God. Pray to never give up, but to become stronger in the faith. Pray that we will depend on God with absolute obedience to be sure of the victory He has promised. ~ Frances

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