Monday, February 17, 2014

Chew on this...

This Prayer Corner is inspired from news I’ve gotten this past week about a couple of friends; the C word, “Cancer”. It keeps coming up with new developments as well as people who are on the mend. Surgery and treatments that take their toll on the patient as well as the family and friends standing by wondering what they can do. PRAY! Friends asking for prayers during surgery and during treatments to come. We all know someone who has been affected by cancer. PRAY! Join together as a church and pray a group prayer for those we know as well as those we don’t who are facing the cancer battle. Pray they will show others Christ in the midst of their own struggle. Pray for God to reveal to us what we can do to ease the burden through meals, cards, visits, driving to treatments, the list is unlimited with God. Be open to do as God calls! Most of all PRAY! Pray with them in person, over the phone, with a note or card, in your home alone, this too is unlimited! With God there is no limits so PRAY for God’s unlimited will to be done. ~ Frances

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