Wednesday, September 11, 2013

DIY jewelry holder

I was on a mission this week to organize my girls earrings.  They are everywhere in their rooms, on the tables, dresser, floor, everywhere.  I have seen these $1 frames in Michael's for a long time and finally thought they would be perfect for this mission!  You could make these a little fancier for yourself by the scrapbook paper you use.
These were so easy to create! I will be letting my girls make these for their friends birthday. They would be perfect gifts at a very little price.  You could pair the jewelry holder with a gift card to Claire's!
I got my supplies from Michael's and Home Depot.  You will need:
$1 wood frame
scrapbook paper of your choice

any embellishments you want to add
patterned sheet metal and sheet metal cutters
spray paint
Mod Podge
Gorilla Glue
1. Start by cutting the sheet metal to size.  Use the insert inside of frame as your template.
WARNING!!! Use extreme caution while cutting the sheet metal.  It is VERY sharp.  I recommend to wear some gloves while cutting it.
If sheet metal is not your thing, you could use burlap to size desired and use the holes to hang earrings.
2. Spray paint the sheet metal or you could leave it as is.  Since I am painting accent frames same color as sheet metal, I sprayed them all at same time.
3. Trace outline of frame onto scrapbook paper, then cut out.
4. Apply Mod Podge to back of paper, then apply to frame.  Let that dry.  Once dry, sand as needed to smooth paper edges. Then apply a coat of Mod Podge on top of scrapbook paper and sides of frame to seal it.  That will also give it a more finished look.
5. Glue accent frame to scrapbook paper frames. Let dry. Be careful using Gorilla Glue because it expands quite a bit, so use a thin amount. Add any other embellishments you want!
6. Insert spray painted sheet metal in center of frame, then insert peg to back of frame.
7. Lastly hang your jewelry on it and enjoy!

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