Monday, September 2, 2013

Chew on this...

Pray for the ability to share our testimony. Do we give enough info to bring glory to God and all He has done in our life or too much? From the study of Daniel by Beth Moore, Daniel 4:2 "We can get too graphic and take the attention away from God. Over-sharing can also have a strong tendency to glorify man rather than God. You see, the essence of giving glory to draw attention. If our testimonies are so graphic that they steal the attention from the point (God's greatness), they cheat Him of glory, however
unintentionally. Nebuchadnezzar told us just enough to convey the seriousness of his estate, strike the fear of God in us, and magnify the throne of heaven." Pray for God to give us just the right words when sharing our testimony with others. Pray for the right words that will give God all the glory! ~Frances

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